From the Rocky Mountain region to across North America, from Europe to the Pacific Rim - there is no substitute for global commercial salvage experience.
Our principals have over 30 years of National and International experience satisfying adjusters and self-insureds.
With bunks of lumber and materials scattered like twigs across the warehouse yard, this would be a herculean task. Booth & Associates dug in, organized the goods, and rapidly verified the insured's book inventory. Special equipment was procured to extract bunks of lumber that had drifted out of the yard and into a swamp-like area. Through the sale of this salvage we were able to obtain a signficant return for the insurance firm.

Following a fire and subsequent sprinkler damage at a "big box" office supply retailer, we were called in to inventory the extensive store contents, and separate damaged from un-damaged & claimed from un-claimed goods.

Time was of the essence for this insured and we rapidly completed inventory work, closed on the sale of the goods and then placed the goods in shipping containers to quickly transport the sold goods to the buyer. This enabled the insured to re-open their doors much more rapidly than even this demanding customer expected.

A fire severely damaged the top 6 floors in a Vail Colorado major resort hotel property just as the peak ski season was approaching. Booth & Associates was brought in to innovatively solve the numerous logistical challenges relating to this claim. The hotel chain clearly would incur a significant financial loss if the property could not be restored to some level of working order FAST!

But how do you quickly remove large, heavy furnishings from a 6 story hotel without electricity to power the elevators? Booth & Associates brought resources together to remove the property's damaged commercial furnishings in record time - staying ahead of the building restoration efforts. Our quick response, constant focus on swift content removal in freezing conditions were key components in bringing the hotel back to an operational state while also accomplishing the goal of maximizing the return on the value of the salvaged furnishings. This loss was a prime demonstration of the logistical field experience, perseverance, and breadth of resources that Booth & Associates brings to all commercial loss engagements.

Petrochemical Project: Completed surveillance of the off-loading of imported petrochemical equipment, vessels, and distillation towers originating from India in the Port of Houston. Verification of shipping manifests of design-specified parts, pipe assemblies and sub systems. Project management of cargo transloading of numerous shipping containers containing piping, flanges, valves, and pumps. Documentation of same, including verification of specified materials and corresponding heat numbers.

Here are just a few examples demonstrating our firm's experience.

Even your claims that are literally a "ton of work" are well within our scope. This very large water-damaged steel loss once again required a very accurate inventory of the damaged stock. Due to the conditions of the loss, the steel had to be removed from the loss site and efficiently staged for loading. Because the inventory was valued by weight, it was critical that as the stock was removed all trucks were properly scaled and the tonnage accurately recorded to ensure the claim was evaluated properly.

Ever been called to an insured's site after significant clean-up and/or stock movement has already taken place? We can eliminate the headache of having to wade through muddled stacks of co-mingled new, damaged, insured and non-insured inventories. Engage our team to dig-in, separate and clearly identify what can/should be claimed. We'll report to you in detail the status of the inventory. We can also transport and store the salvage stock off-site if either you or your insured request to remove the claimed items from the location so that business activities can quickly be restored.

Surely you've never been exposed to an insured who feels that claimed damages are worth just a little bit more than what they might seem. We can assist you in properly, yet fairly assessing damages. We can also help verify through our detailed damage evaluation and inventory process that all invoices included in the replacement claim are accounted for to once again maximize your recovery costs.

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