Our Service Mission:
To provide the highest level of Personal, Responsive and Trustworthy Salvage & Insurance Loss Consulting Service in the commercial insurance industry. Our broad spectrum of end-to-end services makes closing files and satisfying your insured parties easy.
Hurricane Katrina's Challenge.
The sheer scale of this disaster caused unprecedented challenges. We were in the storm zone assisting from beginning to end. Our firm demonstrated that we're willing to work the myriad types of different losses to earn your confidence to work the complicated projects.

That means digging in to manage the salvage process literally from beginning to end. We quickly engage and immediately begin to assess the loss. We'll separate damaged from undamaged stock, perform general clean-up of the loss site, and take appropriate measures to ensure stocks are protected from further damage.

After accurately inventorying and properly assessing the stock's value, we'll then plug into our extensive network of buyers to promptly liquidate the claimed inventories and return to your firm maximum salvable $'s.

This service is perhaps the most critical salvage process to be performed to insure that your firm leaves no amount of return "on the table" when closing a claim.

Our extensive salvage experience can help you in the liquidation and/or removal process, regardless of where the goods may lie within the market value chain. Stocks must be evaluated and approached differently should the loss occur at the manufacturer end versus the retailer end of the distribution channel. We're very experienced in
resolving brands & labels clauses as well as geographic restrictions commonly found in today's commercial policies.

We will also consult with you on evaluating the true marketability of the salvaged goods. The goods may range from being sold to the mass consumer market, or are highly specialized and technical in nature, or they may fall somewhere in-between. The type, condition, and extent of damage of stocks are all variables that determine the optimal path of liquidation. We will use sealed bid, negotiated sale and on-line auction methods to distribute stocks to insure maximum return. Our job is to help you identify the overall marketability of the stocks to then allow a realistic value to be applied to the inventory.

Another service we perform is to help you assess the type of damage that has been incurred. The various types of fire, water, wind and other physical disturbance damage will also have a direct bearing on the marketability of salvage inventories.

We provide comprehensive vendor and supplier surveillance services, serving as your eyes into and through the supply chain. Our experts provide independent, third-party oversight at vendor construction and/or shipping sites. We verify the weights, volumes, crating, design materials, heat numbers and quantities of materials conform to design plans. Complete and accurate reporting of all activity is also a key part of our surveillance and inspection services.

Our project management expertise can be engaged to drive project schedules and to confirm tasks and milestones on your projects are meeting or exceeding expectations. We can ensure the right types and amounts of labor are deployed to the project as well as review procurement documents associated with manpower are accurate and on-time. We can also inspect and audit all vendor invoicing to ensure supplier invoices are also accurate and aligned with design plans and ordering and shipping expectations. Our project management services can be utilized on a daily or periodic basis depending upon the complexity and criticality of your projects.

Ensuring that salvage stock is protected and where possible its condition improved in the most rapid fashion is critical to returning top salvable value. This may entail anything from simply separating wet goods from dry, moving stocks to another location, restoring utilities to the loss site to allow heating and/or refrigeration to resume, to adding protective coatings to save metal stocks from further exposure to the elements.

As you know, this task requires years of experience with a wide array of goods. Our firm's insurance salvage professionals have worked losses involving nearly every type of commercial product in the marketplace. We can assist you with the proper determination of values, whether they be based on manufactured cost, A.C.V., landed cost, retail cost, etc. Our superior inventory and reporting processes alone assist both you and the insured in establishing a fair, documented value of the damages.

Your ultimate goal of an amenable "joint" inventory can be facilitated through us. We can perform detailed physical inventories inclusive of model #'s, serial #'s, styles, colors, and any other data necessary to relate the damaged items to the appropriate documentation.

Your salvaged stocks can be removed from your insured's site, transported & securely warehoused. This assures you of safe inventory handling during the stock liquidation phase and allows your insured to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible. We can also accommodate secure custodial evidence storage.

Once stocks are sold, removed and/or disposed of, we will provide timely and accurate reports to the adjuster of record and/or to the risk manager. We pride ourselves in clearly documenting all aspects of the transaction, including commissions, returns, inventories, receipts - essentially any and all activity that transpires during the salvage process.

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